CACI treatments in Wash Common Nr Newbury

CACI (computer aided cosmetology instrument)

This clever treatment helps to restore strong muscle and tone to the skin, giving you fantastic results for both body and face.

We offer CACI treatments in Wash Common at Hair and Skin Perfections beauty salon.

The facial lift! How it works!

As we become older the natural process of ageing starts to take place.This is shown by wrinkles, lines and a sagging in the skin. CACI very cleverly slows down and also improves damage already occurred. As we age, our facial muscle tone becomes weaker and these facial muscles start to drop. As a result the elasticity fibres of the skin start to break down and collagen starts to disperse from the skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles. CACI very gently penetrates through the skin tissues, grabs the weak muscle and tones and lifts the muscle. This in return helps to tighten the elasticity fibres back together and prevents further collagen from dispersing.

The body tone and sliming treatment! How it works!

Ageing can also be cause for sagging body skin, but it can also be caused by pregnancy, or rapid weight gain or loss. In the same process as the facial treatment, the body treatment helps to strengthen weak and damaged muscle tissue, and also helps to break down fatty deposits and expel excess water retention, giving you a much firmer and trimmer feel and appearance.

We recommend a course of 10 treatments for both face and body treatments, as best results are then achieved. After your inital course of 10, a treatment once a month is recommended.

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Treatments Price
CACI (computer aided cosmetology instrument)
CACI Facial 1hr £49.00
CACI Jowl lift 30min £30.00
CACI Jowl lift 15min £15.00
CACI Skin rejuvenation 15min £15.00
CACI Wrinkle Comb treatment 15min £15.00
CACI Hydro mask treatment 30min £35.00
CACI Eye treatment 30min £30.00
Course of 10 CACI 1hour facials £440.00
Course of 10 CACI jowl facials £270.00
Course of 10 CACI skin rejuvenation treatments £135.00
Course of 10 CACI Wrinkle comb treatments £135.00
Course of 10 CACI Hydro mask treatments £315.00
Course of 10 CACI Eye treatments £270.00
The CACI Ultra facial 2hr 15min £125.00
Course of 10 The CACI Ultra facial 2hr 15min £1125.00
CACI body treatment 30min £35.00
Course of 10 CACI body treatments £315.00